You simply fill in the query form at the bottom, including the details of your trip, how long you intend to stay, if you need transportation, bicycle rental, number of people in your party and whatever it may be interesting to know before your travel. We’ll reply within 24 hours and we’ll go from there.


Our inventory, through landlord partners, offers several options, upon availability, so you can choose from stand alone villas to small apartments, in the village of Coreglia or in the near vicinity, with or without a private/common pool, in the country or in a central position. Costs vary slightly depending on type and season but they are always very competitive. RHT does not charge as intermediaries: we simply act as a standard travel agency., you will not pay any extra. So send us your requests and we’ll make sure to provide the solution that fits you better.(See Gallery pictures)


There are actually 3 ways to reach Coreglia and they all eventually end up either in to taking a bus or driving a car.

By air – The nearest airport is Pisa International, about 60 km away. Florence is a bit further distant (nearly 90 km). From there you can rent a car or book a bus (click on the links for times and quotes). We can also arrange transportation to and from the airport as long as you give us at least a 2 weeks notice: be aware though that Coreglia is located on the top of a hill and public buses are the only means of transportation. Cabs service is extremely expensive and hard to arrange.
By train – Pisa and Florence are also the main train hubs: we discourage though to continue from there on rails since the local train system is quite slow.
By car – the Autostrade Italiane are not toll free, so, if you intend to drive your own car be aware that you will have to pay a fee (roughly 1 € each 10 km). The last highway segment, A11, connects Lucca from Pisa (in the west) and Florence (on the east side). There are 4 exits you can use to get to Coreglia: Lucca East or West (doesn’t really matter which), Capannori and Altopascio. From there it is a 30-35 km drive to your final destination; traffic will determine the time required (30 minuets to 1 hour). We recommend the weekends and to avoid rush hours.


The Garfagnana and the entire Lucca province is full of tourism attractions: villages, mountains, small lakes, ideal pic-nic locations, tracking trails, just to name a few. You can spend a day in Lucca, visit Pisa and Florence, go to the beach on the Versilia riviera, or chill in one of the public pools in the vicinity. Again, we are here to provide you a full logistic support: download our map and ask us anything it may concern you and we’ll give you suggestions and tips to fully enjoy your staying.


RHT collaborates with a bike clinic located in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana: is not the closest place to Coreglia but definitely the better equipped and owners are the more competent. Our map identities the local shops in the area, including numbers and addresses: in case of emergency you can stop in any of those and they will assist you regardless of any communication issues. People around this area are plenty warm, kind and helpful, even bike mechanics.

Any problem don’t esitate to contact one of our numbers and we’ll try to assist you in the process.

If you rather rent instead of bringing your own bike let us know well in advance: booking early will ensure a wider and better choice. Bikes are limited in size, quality and number: if our partners can not provide what are you looking for we’ll search the other shops to find you the ideal bike. RHT does not charge anything for this service: tariffs are set by the rental stores and you’ll pay directly them.


In the area there are 2 fully functional hospitals with 24/7 Emergency Room assistance (check the link for medical coverage arrangements). Emergency care is granted for all patients; a charge fee is normally applied and the costs is generally depending on the type of treatment. For critical medical requirements normally patients are transferred to the near Hospitals of Lucca or Pisa, either via ambulance or helicopter. Private consultants are also available on appointment in several locations: they charge on the spot and can be paid with cash or credit cards.

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