Garfagnana offers a rich and stunning past while still keeping intact the flavor of rural, genuine and unspoiled ambiance with its medieval churches, buildings and city walls.

The Appenninis, their green forests and breathtaking beauty, still unspoiled to chaotic tourism, frame this gorgeous picture while the warm and welcoming people will make you feel like home.

Enjoy the thrill of training every day along different and exciting road or MTB tracks: whether you decide to go for short, medium or long sessions you’ll never be far from your starting location because everything is at close reach and your ride starts right at your door steps. Our aim is to satisfy your technical and logistic requirements: contact us before arrival or submit your requests once you’ll get here and we’ll do our best to support your vacation, whether you need help regarding your traveling arrangements, suggestions for the best riding sessions, mechanical bike care, or, simply, restaurant and city tour tips. Most of your queries are answered in the FAQ session but feel free to ask, because customer satisfaction is our number one priority and we really mean it.

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